We  have finite regulations that are applicable to all our prestigious customers. The Privacy policies are for the understanding and knowledge of our customers so that all terms are clear from the beginning.

Collection and Usage of Database

It is very essential that we iterate the fact that we keep all information classified and confidential. Any information of clients or customers of us are stored in a secure database and we do not furnish details upon exclusive requests.


Proforma is important for gathering all relevant information regarding our customers. Information like name, address, phone numbers are all authenticated and verified and kept safe in our records so that we can have a history of all our precious clients with us.

Web Cookies

Cookies are for storing information pertaining to specific users. Information regarding users is stored in the browsers. But as per our classified security measures, the cookies won’t be able to access any of the data on our servers and there are multiple layers of security due to which browser won’t be able to log in to our databases.

Server Log

A log is maintained regarding the kind of users logging in and to understand the pattern of demands that they keep. The IP is also tracked for repetitive users but no information is stored on our servers regarding any customers or their activities. The Log enables us to understand the pattern of users and the kind of general customer requirements that we get every peak season.

Other Web Links

There are many links from our website and so we would like to bring to notice of our customers that they need to be careful when it comes to giving their information on any such links that are connected with our website. Make sure that you read the privacy statements once before giving your information.

Information security

Confidentiality is our specialty and so for the peace of mind of our customers, we would like to iterate that all information is secure online and offline and that none of it is leaked. Information security is our priority and we maintain it all the time.

Above mentioned is for customer’s understanding considering the risks and dangers involved in cruising, fishing or any other activities operated by us or any other operators.


In case of any injury to a person and loss of or damage to property resulting from activities, I assume to take all risks that I am medically fit to undertake this activity and that I comply with all requirements as specified by us.

In case of any pains and problems during the activities, I agree not to hold luxuryyachtrentaldubai.org  and its officers/employees from all liability, claims, demands and actions.

In case of Last minute Cancellations or No-Show will be charged Hundred Percent and no refund shall be given.

As an underage of below 18, I have all the required permissions from a parent/guardian regarding traveling and sports activities.

In case of bad weather conditions and hostile reasons, luxuryyachtrentaldubai.org is under all rights to cancel scheduled trips for the safety of its customers.

I accept the above terms and conditions and the total net charges and confirm the charter.