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Being a beautiful place Dubai is capturing the attention of the entire world towards its fantasizing beauty. The Dubai city has both deserts and sea area, the opposite sites; calmness of deserts and a pleasant noise of islands attracts global tourists and therefore they are anxious to inclined towards UAE. Yacht traveling is one of the most exciting thing in Dubai where people entertain themselves by going to the beautiful coastal and islands. Although yacht traveling is a bit expensive one to enjoy but the pleasure against money is nothing. You can also hire a yacht for a party or for any celebration and even for enjoying in your vacations by moving from one island to other.

Yacht Charter Services In Dubai:

There are many yacht charter services in Dubai as the country has immense amount of tourist there every time but these services became very vast in vocational seasons when people want to seek the pleasures of yacht traveling.

SKY Yacht Chartering: SKY is one of the top most local yacht renting company in Dubai. SKY is been serving its tourists since 10 years in the heart of Dubai. It is the most reliable, authentic and certified company where you can spend a huge amount for your pleasure with no worry. SKY have beautiful cruise and yachts, one can easily pick up the one according to the requirement and entertain to a larger extent. The renting of yachts by SKY includes many other facilities also therefore one can never think of any in place of it. It includes the easy service of pick and drop from anywhere in Dubai and Sharjah with a complete travel on the top most yacht charter. And the charter will be with a professional crew and a compliant skipper. It also includes a beautiful and well set kitchen with a cook who would provide you with food. The best thing about it is that SKY provides the insurance of everyone who travels in it. Therefore reduces all the risk factors. SKY provides all these facilities with an affordable charges due to which it is considered to be one of the best yacht renting services in Dubai.

Types Of Yacht Chartering:

It is important to know that there are two entirely different kinds and ways for a yacht chartering. One is bare boat charter and second is a charter with crew. As the name indicates bare boat yacht chartering will only includes a charter itself, no crew member is included in it whereas the second one has crew members depending upon the the yacht you select and the place where you go. The former one usually be used in celebrating events whereas the later goes with a whole vacation trip, in which you will be needing a cook and other crew members to handle the arrangements properly.


Yacht Chartering Cost:

Opposite to bare boat crewed yacht is been facilitated with a skipper and crew members depending upon the selection of your yacht. Yacht traveling is a little bit expensive pleasure to enjoy but the excitement against money is nothing. Chartering a crewed yacht is more expensive than a bare boat as it is provided with a whole set of crew. Prices  for yacht  chartering are a bit high and they may vary from yacht to yacht. Prices also depends on the duration; If you are traveling for one day price will be different whereas for a week it would be entirely different. Changing seasons also affect the prices of yachts where it would be sky touching in summers, Christmas or any other important event.  Contact us or go to our price page for current price.

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